You mean that when you play runescape you expect everyone to type in red?

Discussion in 'League One' started by Helen2016, Dec 8, 2016.

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    I didn't want you to show your work for the hide prices so we could go do that method, I wanted it to know how specifically to do the math in an organized manor. Obviously the price changes. And second no the dark red was still very hard to see. And thirdly I understand now about your upload schedule and I truly hope everything is okay for him, and you. This is criticism not hate Naveed.

    The secrete to success is not quality you said it your self consistency is the secrete to success you wouldn't be happy if you went to a restaurant was very hungry and they said are cook cant make the best meal so we are going to give you nothing.

    You mean that when you play runescape you expect everyone to type in red? everyone in runescape uses the standard yellow... how the heck do you even play runescape? if you cant see the yellow then get glasses. also math in runescape is constantly changing... you arent criticizing... you are trolling or salt. naveed works his butt off and i read the chat just fine.

    Stop bitching about every tiny detail and realize that you can just do the math yourself as they change every 20 minutes and don't say that everyone else feels this way as I actually enjoyed the guide.

    I'm a big fan of your videos but I don't appreciate you blurring your partyhat and drygore merches going on. Also, how in the hell do you have max osrs gold and probably the equivalent of max cash in items? What methods can you recommend to someone with all cb stats 90+?

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