Where beeting is leagal and ilegal?

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by karil, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. karil

    karil New Member

    Hi to all,

    I post this thread, cause in last few years some countries stars anew laws, where betting is not legal. I know that in USA, most European bookmakers are illegal and there a few bookmakers from USA that accept bets, but are regulated from the government of USA. USA makes it illegal to operate a scheme except for in a few states. In many European nations bookmaking is regulated but not criminalized.

    If somebody know in which country bookmakers are leagal or illegal will be helpful info for all members.
  2. momogaff

    momogaff New Member

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  3. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    Most of the muslim country are ilegal ... euro country are legal ...
  4. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    karil , where r u come from ?
  5. luckypunter

    luckypunter New Member


    USA bans all citizens from overseas betting i understand, but its easy. open a european account with any bookies. fund it with moneybookers or paypal or similar, get a prepaid card to get any winnings (if any) paid into that card for use in USA or anywhere.
  6. KS201

    KS201 New Member

    yeah they are
  7. karil

    karil New Member

    ok thank you,

    how your guys get information from soccer betting ?
  8. joe23

    joe23 New Member

    i normally use ibc bet . some time i use to brought from the tipping website ..
    how about u ??
  9. luckypunter

    luckypunter New Member

    b4 making a bet

    if im going to make a bet, i use predictawin com to get the stats and probable outcomes of games. then mostly bet in strore at william hill or ladbrookes to lay my bet. but also use william hill online.

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