Southampton ban vuvuzelas

Discussion in 'League One' started by Mario, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Mario

    Mario Active Member

    Southampton ban vuvuzelas from St Mary's for the forthcoming season following an "influx of requests".

  2. Kickazz

    Kickazz New Member

    I don't get the basis for the ban. What's wrong with putting a part of the South African football to English football? I see nothing wrong with the instrument.
  3. adhityaen

    adhityaen Member

    It could have been a clash of football culture from one country to other. I couldn't resist to hear the sound of vuvuzelas, but as said by the Football League the decision to allow or not this vuvuzelas rest with individual clubs.
  4. Suave

    Suave New Member

    Vuvuzelas are not territorial, so why ban it?
  5. susanexpress

    susanexpress New Member

    why? ban? my god
  6. EddyP

    EddyP New Member

    It's quite similar to what the Ukrainian authorities done with the English band at this years Euro's. I think fans should be able to support there teams in whatever way they wish

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