Play with friends! Use app to scan your favourite team logos

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    Scan Out the Game behind!

    Hello, I have found something fun!
    Approaching to the final stage of the Premier League, you should get your favourite forecast on the matches and have some fun!

    Introducing an app that can make image scan on the BPL clubs logos to get the latest BPL hot matches.

    When you download the app SCANAD, open and make an image scan to the team logos of the BPL, it will successfully identify the teams, and provide you with the team’s coming match, you can place a bet with your friends on the first goal, prognosis of the match, man of the match, the next goal….

    Who has the best foresight? To get involved in the fun, download the SCANAD app and try a scan on the team logos during your happy hour for the BPL matches!

    Download on the App Store:
    Download on Google Play:
    Enjoy and feel free to introduce and play with all your friends! For more about the app, please refer:

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