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Discussion in 'Premier League' started by cally, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. cally

    cally New Member

    all that money spent and half the team want 2 leave wot a massive club u r great start 2 season well done ::))
  2. jimmy_bank

    jimmy_bank Member

    Spending millions dosent make a trophy winning team, its how the money is spent, the balance of players bought and the mix of skills that matters.

    Man City wont win the league for a few seasons yet, they need a steady manager, and a good one, not sure Mancini is quite the right guy for them, they should have spent their transfer budget on getting Jose... then they may have had a fair shout at the title this season.
  3. rickman_72

    rickman_72 New Member

    They will probably take 4th, but thats it, I cant see them winning it at all, Chelsea have such a strong squad, in depth, balance and belief that its hard to imagine anyone else winning the title this season, and Man U have no chance of winning this time around as too many of their squad are the wrong side of 30.
  4. ANC

    ANC New Member

    They should qualify for next years champions league.....
  5. livefootball

    livefootball New Member

    Not so sure they will get champions league football next year, man city is concedeing to many easy goals. I think arsenal will be the team to beat in the coming years. their squad is soo young and yet the style of football they are playing is unreal
  6. beanz57

    beanz57 New Member


    i think harry will turn spurs into regular champions league side they
  7. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    man city need to be real. sign kaka and diego will boost the club favour and appoint jose mourinho, luis van gaal or subramaniam rajagobal would be okay.:-"
  8. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    this season city will rock!!
    man utd,chelsea , arsenal and city will qualify for champions league,,
    spurs, villa and blackpool will qualify for europa league.
  9. therocket147

    therocket147 Member

    City can spend all the millions they want on world class players but if they don`t gel and don`t win trophies what is the point
  10. TheRealDarthVader

    TheRealDarthVader New Member

    I think if they buy Dzeko they will have a much greater chance of winning the league, and they may push all the way.
  11. Stan9

    Stan9 New Member

    They'll all be knackered when these new rules come into force to stop big spending/big loosing teams. The well managed teams and the smaller clubs might actually be able to compete in the transfer windows from now on. which will only lead to a fairer and more competitive league.:head
  12. London Catering

    London Catering New Member

    Seems that today it is the only way to improve a Club... look at what PSG is doing!! Football has been rubbished by Qatari's Money
  13. wlovewei

    wlovewei New Member

    yes !so  happy  !
  14. ruirolin

    ruirolin New Member

    whhy they not use these money do other things. some can benift all people of thr city.
  15. diamondlife

    diamondlife New Member

    remember when dzeko was relevant? lolol
  16. lose weight

    lose weight New Member

    yeah could use well done to express
  17. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    They must appoint Andre Villas-Boas or Jose Mourinho as new manager, then try to sign midfield maestro Antolin Alcaraz, Chucho Benitez and Yoann Gourcuff. Then take Silva to wings or replace him with Cristiano Ronaldo, try get him with 95 million. then strikers must be Tevez and Cesc Fabregas. If City can have this players, the cup will be theirs.... if they do the tiki-taka style.:-B:-B
  18. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    Buying is winning man, but dont buy Kaka , Terry , torres and such, but sign Alcaraz and Joe Cole , they may be suckers but they are winners
  19. Gorden

    Gorden New Member


    :- H:- H:- H:- H:- H:- H:- H:- H
    Spending millions dosent make a trophy winning team, its how the money is spent, the balance of players bought and the mix of skills that matters.
  20. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    support Chelsea club!

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