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Discussion in 'Premier League' started by bluefairy, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. bluefairy

    bluefairy New Member

    With city splashing the cash and Chelsea doing so in previous years who for you has been one of the best bargain buys ever?
    No bosman transfers a fee must of been payed
  2. dystedd

    dystedd Member

    Out of all the transfers that have occurred, and as much as I hate to give credit to Man City, I think the Silva transfer has to be the best. I'm not sure if it qualifies as a bargain though. All time (at least in the last 10 years) I would say David James going to Portsmouth from Man City was nice deal
  3. gemmell

    gemmell Member

    the best transfer for me would be most of the crap in the liverpool squad . if woy is impressed with ngog we really are in trouble. but not as much as brazil if lucas gets called up .you could.nt make it up.
  4. dystedd

    dystedd Member

    Mismanagement is the greatest way for a team to go from great all the way down to crap no matter how much money you spend.
  5. andy8

    andy8 New Member

    Best Bargain

    For me the best bargain is Yaya Toure he is an accomplished midfielder.He willadd class to man city midfield
  6. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    man utd got javier hernandez who is a really good player.
  7. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    yaya toure is not a good defence. for me man city should buy victor luiz, di maria or kaka.
    or even ljungberg, de rossi, busquets or marquez
  8. Klepto_Monterous

    Klepto_Monterous New Member

    The best certainly currently has to be Rafael Van Der Vaart For Tottenham.For 8 million pounds you can't get that much this days.Not only his scoring some crucial goals but also his assists are top notched
  9. neji

    neji New Member

    Best one was Rafa to Spurs. Jan window we will see something special i think. Tevez likely to move away.
  10. footballblogger

    footballblogger New Member

    Chiek Tiote at Newcastle!
  11. TheRealDarthVader

    TheRealDarthVader New Member

    Chris Samba from Hertha Berlin to Blackburn for £380,000 I believe it was.
  12. London Catering

    London Catering New Member

    Verane to Madrid (shoul have come to Paris argg !!)
  13. wlovewei

    wlovewei New Member

    I agree with you.:->
  14. bluebirds

    bluebirds New Member

    Chicharito to Man Utd , for onnly 12 million pounds,. he is a well youngster. to score 19 goals in first season is abselutely stunning...... But of all time i think C.Ronaldo to MU for 13 million is the most succesful transfer
  15. Giona

    Giona New Member


    :- H
    I think the Silva transfer has to be the best.
  16. COYI-Jack-COYI

    COYI-Jack-COYI New Member

    Van Der Vaart surely. He's bought a touch of class to them Yids :p
  17. TA#6

    TA#6 New Member

    Asemoah Gyan - Definitely worth the money like he showed last season at Sunderland!
  18. Willium840

    Willium840 New Member

    Its true because somebody spend money but their management is so weak they can't got good result. Money & management both is important to get success.
  19. kaleem287

    kaleem287 New Member

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